Holistic vision.

We understand cultural heritage as an interrelated whole. That’s why we work with all kinds of heritage.

Heritage and technology.

Cultural heritage is a common good. To help it stay that way, we work with free, open-source software.

Content First.

We create custom projects in an artisanal way. Every collection, museum, archive and documentation centre is unique. We will not complete a publication project that fails to adapt to your content.


We begin no project before analysing the content of the heritage. A well-designed project based on the content you preserve guarantees future success.


We adapt to your pace and budget. Transforming successfully requires cooking on low heat.


Reaching different audiences means speaking their languages, without renouncing scientific discourse.


We do not want to be indispensable, but rather enable you to work on your own in the future.

Making difficult things easy.

The challenge is to enable a simple user experience in large and complex projects.


We know as much about technology as we do about heritage, so our solutions adapt to your content.


We do what we do because we like it and we work with passion.


We work with Dédalo because we share its philosophy. Open-source technology and free software designed for the research, analysis, management and publication of cultural heritage.